DIY Pallet "EAT" Sign

I wanted to break in my new Craftsman jigsaw and what better way to do that by making an "EAT" sign for the kitchen (this has been on my project list for a really long time). I've seen a few tutorials on Pinterest on making this particular sign ( but it really depends on where you're placing it and the amount of room you have to work with and that should determine the size of your letters.

I started with the letter "T" first and that should give you a good start on what size the rest of the letters will be.

My letters ended up being 15 inches in height and 7 1/2 inches in width. But like I said, it depends on where you're hanging the sign.


The compact jigsaw was super easy to use and it has an LED light that helps you see your cut. The only downside I have is the saw dust that builds up on the front of the blade which made it difficult for me to see my cut trace but I just blew on it here and there.

Other than that the cuts were extremely smooth and I'll definitely use this tool again on small projects like these.


I used Mending Plates (comes in a pack of 4 for $2.00 at the local hardware store) to connect the pieces together for each letter.


I did do some light sanding but no clear finish on it cause I already like the tones on the wood itself.

Total cost of this project was $6 (mainly just the cost of the Mending Plates). 


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