Pretty Cool Stool Makeover With MMSMP

I purchased this rusty stool from an estate sale for $3 & has been waiting for me for months to decide on a plan. & I finally did have a plan for it when I realized I needed to use some leftover Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. 

She was such in a sad state but I knew I could make her beautiful. But before I began I sprayed the entire metal stool with Shellac (I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get any bleed through from the rust)

I then mixed whatever I had leftover from my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint stash which was Ironstone, Kitchen Scale, & Grain Sack. & it sort of created this beautiful blue-ish gray color.

I wasn't just going to stop with painting because if something is worth doing then it's worth doing well so I added some wooden slats to go on top of the stool & stain it with a vinegar and steel wool mix.

Tada! Her transformation just blows my mind. 

She was once discarded & left outside to she has a place inside the home now.

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