DIY Industrial Metal Letter Wall Decor/Photo Holder

I love industrial decor and I'm completely obsessed with letters so why not create my own with materials from my garage.

This is the finished product and I'm absolutely smitten.

I've painted the exposed wood on the side and back in Annie Sloan Old White (it was a last minute decision and I'm glad I did it)

I found a box of these metal galvanized strips at an estate sale. I didn't know what I would do with them when I purchased it but I know they would come to use one day. 

I built a letter "H" with some 2x4's and started nailing and screwing the galvanized pieces on the front of the letter. 

I did the sides first then continued onto the middle of the letter. Just hammer and screw, hammer and screw.

At this point is when I decided to paint the rest of the exposed wood. But if I was going to do this project again (which most likely I will) I would paint the entire letter first before I attach the metal strips.

So there you have it folks. :) I will be making more letters so stay tuned for that.


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