DIY Simple & Sleek Rustic Desk

So my brother came to me and asked me if I could build him a desk. We just had a big earthquake here in California and he was afraid of his computer falling over because of the state of his current table (wobbly and ready to fall apart). I definitely wanted to build him a strong solid desk. One he can duck underneath it in case another earthquake strikes.

After looking through Pinterest I came across a blog from A Bird's Leap. She had built a very simple and affordable desk. You can see her tutorial here.

Like her, I went to get the table legs at Ikea and since I wanted a white base I just bought the ones that were already painted in white (no fuss no muss). But you do have the option to get the unfinished base if you're going to do a stain or paint it a different color.

I used 5 pieces of 2x6 planks that I purchased at Home Depot measuring at 75 inches in length. You can also have Home Depot cut your wood for you, it's a free service so why not.

Once I had all my wood pieces cut I sanded each one of them with an 80 grit sand paper to get it somewhat leveled and then a 220 grit to get it smooth to the touch.

Here I kind of just wanted to measure and visualize where I'll be placing the desk base. So it's really up to you where you want to place it just as long as there's space for your desk chair to go in and also comfortable leg room.

I completely forgot to take pictures on how I mounted the planks together under the desk but I just cut two pieces of thin plywood then glued and screwed it on the side where I was placing the table legs.

Then I stained the entire piece with Minwax Dark Walnut (just one coat). But if you want it darker then you can do a second coat just follow the instructions on the can. Let it dry overnight.

Lastly I attached the legs to the table top.

I am really happy on how well this desk turned out.