Why Hello Mid Century Betty

This is Betty, I found her for sale online and I just knew I can save and revive her. Her legs screamed Mid Century Modern and I knew the craftsmanship was excellent. Sure enough it was stamped Barker Bros (a Los Angeles based furniture company in the 1800's), drawers are dove tailed, and it's quite heavy for a nightstand. 

For Betty I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone (shabby chic, antique) and create something modern and retro. But I wanted to do it with just Miss Mustard Seed paint and products to show you how versatile it is and how it can be used in any furniture era.

The day when I brought Betty home. Still lovely but could use a little polish. 

I sanded the drawers and legs so I can re-stain it with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Curio (and it took three different types of sanders but I got it done).

Here is the painting story and I'll start with the staining.

Staining Process:

If you water down the Curio it can act as a stain (actually if you water down any Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint it will act as a stain). The stain recipe I concocted was 5 parts water and 2 parts Curio. So when I painted it on the drawers and legs it came out darker than I hoped for. So I grabbed my 220 grit sanding block and sanded down the drawers and all of the sudden the stain got lighter and I could see the grain of the wood (which is what I wanted in the first place). However the legs I kept the same dark color, call it laziness or call it genius, I love how it's a three tone nightstand.

Now for the painting story (I wanted to make the perfect teal color)

Recipe for Miss Mustard Seed Teal:

In one cup mix 6 parts water to 2 parts Kitchen Scale and 3 parts Ironstone

In the second cup mix 4 parts water to 1 part Boxwood and 3 parts Grain Sack

Then I poured the Boxwood/Grain Sack mix into the Kitchen/Ironstone mix and added some bonding agent (just because the furniture piece had a little sheen and I didn't want the paint to chip off at all).

It took 3 coats of the custom teal color to cover the nightstand and finished the entire piece with Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil.

I love Betty and I enjoyed bringing her back to retro where she belongs.