Lady Edith, An Antique Curio Cabinet

I got Lady Edith, an antique curio cabinet, from a client that wanted her revamped and brought back to life. Don't get me wrong, she was beautiful from the start but I knew she could be gorgeous. 

Lucky for her I just received two new Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colors that I wanted to test out so I decided on painting her in Typewriter. 

But before the painting could start I had to fix a few things that were missing on Lady Edith. 

1. Her glass was broken so that needed to be removed & I knew I would be replacing it with chicken wire.

2. The skeleton key was missing on the door therefor the cabinet wouldn't latch and stay closed. So I had installed a magnetic latch on the inside and drilled a new hole for a new knob. (I for one was not going to search on ebay for a skeleton key that fits this curio)

When you install chicken wire, make sure you take your time (you do want it straight, right?) and don't cut yourself so wear gloves if you have to. I also painted the chicken wire with Typewriter.

After I painted two coats of Typewriter, I let it sit overnight and finished it off in the morning with some light sanding and distressing and covered it with Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil. 

In the end, Lady Edith looked gorgeous in her little black dress.


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