Vintage Soda Crate Upcycled Into A Stool/Storage

I already had a couple of vintage crates on hand and I've been meaning to do this project for quite some time now. To me, the most time consuming part was the upholstery (that's probably cause I picked a stipe fabric so I was really careful on getting the lines as straight as possible). 


When I went to Harbor Freight to look for casters it seemed much cheaper to just buy one of their small moving dolly and just remove and use the casters on there.

I think the neutral trim around the top completed the finish and made the stool look more clean.

I reinforced the inside of the crate with wood planks just to make the casters more sturdy when you roll it around and to insure that anything you store in there won't break the crate.

Being married to my husband (a perfectionist when it comes to building and fixing) really made me more conscious about how this furniture will be used and will it be able to hold up.

This was a fun project to do and I will be doing another one but instead of a crate I'll be using a large metal ammo box (how fun would that be).


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