Wedding Signs (maybe a new business venture?)

Making wedding signs (or signs in general) has been quite enjoyable and an enormous creative outlet. I can see doing some custom orders in the future. These are a few signs I finished and have a few more to go so stay tuned for a continued blog post on wedding signs.

Since this is a tropical theme wedding I thought that the Milk Paint in Salmon would be a perfect color because it really leaves a coral finish. & the teal metal flowers were purchased at Michaels.

The letters, ampersand, and scrapbook paper were purchased at Michaels and the pallet wood used as a base I already had on hand.

All you have to do is trace the letters onto the paper, then cut and paste it on the letters. Then use your handy dandy hot glue and glue the letters on the pallet board and any additional decorations such as flowers or moss or anything that would go with the wedding theme would also be a great addition.

This particular sign would look superb by the wedding cake or at the sign-in table.


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