Rustic Shelving Unit

Like any new homeowner on a budget I headed to Ikea to shop for furniture. And if you have ever been to Ikea then you know how cute their furniture style is and the affordability of it all is a plus. But never ever leave without tasting their meatballs. What we purchased at Ikea was a shelving unit to go around our TV that was mounted on the wall. However, I needed the shelves to go with the design of my home so I needed to bring in natural wood. Give it a more stylish and rustic feel. 

The entire project took about 4 hours but that's because my husband is a perfectionist (thank god for that).

Materials you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden pallet boards
  • Loctite Power Grab in clear (found at your local hardware store)

After you have measured the back of your shelving unit at the direction you want to place your boards in then it's time to cut the wood to size. We already have a table saw and miter saw handy to tackle the job but you can definitely also use a hand held saw. You would just have to trace a line to where you will be cutting. The table saw was used mainly on the last piece where it would have to fit snuggly.

Once you have all of your pieces cut you can glue them in place by using the Loctite Power Grab. The directions says you have 15 minutes to move the object you are glueing then it will start to harden and it will need 24 hours to cure.

This project is great to add a rustic look and bring in the feel of nature into your home.


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