Metal & Rust: The Perfect Pair

I like metal and I love rust and together they're a perfect pair. I got this old metal drawer at a yard sale for a dollar so I couldn't pass it up. It took a while before I knew what I wanted to do with it.

Until my husband and I took a trip to our local sheet metal yard. I love browsing through there, just remember to wear closed toe shoes. Next to a bunch of sheet metal I saw a box of rusted finials (well I call them finials). They are suppose to go on top of the metal gate to make the gate more decorative. I thought they would be perfect as legs for the metal drawer.


My husband had to weld all the finials on each corner of the metal drawer. (Having a welder can make projects possible) I recommend you getting one if you love metal decor.


You can also store a few wine bottles on top and make it as a wine caddy.


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