DIY Embellished Kraft American Cheese Boxes

This was a great project to do and it didn't take a whole lot of time either. Just a lot of glue on my hands though. 

I gathered several Kraft American cheese boxes that I purchased at an estate sale, some vintage laces, metal label holders, decorative craft paper, and a couple of books (to search for phrases to put on the label holder.

All I did was glue the lace onto the metal label holder and then glue the label holder onto the front of the box. Then cut out some craft paper to use as liners for the inside of the box. Easy peasy. Finally search for phrases or words from a discarded book and glue that onto the metal label holder and your done! Told you it was easy. 

I love these and they will go the Junque Soiree with me. This will be my second time that I have a booth at the flea market. Eek I still get nervous though.


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