Vintage Birdcage Turned Pendant Light

I got this vintage birdcage as a birthday gift from my wonderful and sweet mother-in-law a year ago. The instant I saw it I already knew I wanted to transform it into a pendant light for one of the corners in my living room.

Here we go...another trip to Home Depot. 

Materials for this project:

  • Light Kit (I got mine for $15 but I'm sure if you buy it at Ikea it's a lot cheaper)
  • Pull Switch (you can find these at the ceiling fan section and comes in different designs)
  • Ceiling Medallion (these come in different sizes and designs)

If you're lucky like I am and married a handy man then you just saved yourself some flea market shopping money. Cha Ching!

My husband did all the electrical wiring and installation in this project and it turned out perfect.


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