Hi, my name is Kathi and I'm a mother of two beautiful children and a wife of one amazing husband. I never thought of starting a blog until my family and friends saw how I was decorating my home (on a frugal budget) and urged me to create one. 

When my husband and I bought our home two years ago I really didn't have any design sense. I've never decorated my own space before with my own furniture and plus we were on a budget. California is a very expensive state to live in. But nothing can trump the weather in California. I will always love it here. 

So back to my lack of decorating.....

Before our home I've never picked up a paint brush, worked with drills, handled a miter saw or jigsaw. But with the aid of my husband (that's why he is my rock) I was able to conquer my decorating projects in my home. Everything that you will see on this blog are my home restorations from painting furniture and walls, to upcycling. Of course, occasionally, there will be photos of antique stores and flea markets that my husband and I venture to that gives me the inspiration to create.

My decorating style of vintage/rustic/country may not be everyone's style but it's mine and I have to wake up to it everyday so shouldn't you have to surround yourself with the things you love?

I hope I can help you find your design sense (even if it's just a push) and give you the ease to try something new.