Turn Old Furniture Legs Into a Photo Holder

This project is simple enough. We all can find orphaned furniture legs from curb side finds or flea markets. Don't turn your back on them just yet. Paint them, attach a few nails, and turn them into a photo/card holder as I did to mine.


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DIY Embellished Kraft American Cheese Boxes

This was a great project to do and it didn't take a whole lot of time either. Just a lot of glue on my hands though. 

I gathered several Kraft American cheese boxes that I purchased at an estate sale, some vintage laces, metal label holders, decorative craft paper, and a couple of books (to search for phrases to put on the label holder.

All I did was glue the lace onto the metal label holder and then glue the label holder onto the front of the box. Then cut out some craft paper to use as liners for the inside of the box. Easy peasy. Finally search for phrases or words from a discarded book and glue that onto the metal label holder and your done! Told you it was easy. 

I love these and they will go the Junque Soiree with me. This will be my second time that I have a booth at the flea market. Eek I still get nervous though.


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Vintage Metal Basket Painted With American Paint Company

I love using vintage metal trays / baskets as wall shelving. I think it's a unique way to store your collections and definitely gives texture to your wall.

I had purchased this metal basket at an estate sale (it was buried inside an old shed). As you can see it already looked great as is but a little bit of color never killed anyone. :) So I decided to paint this with American Paint Company in Treasure Box.

I love the end result. Treasure Box is probably my go to color for teal / mint color. It's just so beautiful.


This cute little vintage shelf was also painted with Treasure Box.


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Vintage Stool Painted With American Paint Company

So I've been wanting to try American Paint Company and Vintiques Home Decor in downtown Orange is a wonderful vendor that carries the paint line. I decided to choose their new paint color called Treasure Box, it's more of a bright teal which I think is popular these days. 

I got this small brown stool/bench at an estate sale and it was the perfect piece of this project.


I didn't do any prepping (sanding or priming) and there was a little bit of a sheen finish on the stool but the paint really stuck well and I did two coats for coverage. Once I did a light distress I finished it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

I love this brand of paint. They have great colors and constantly coming up with new ones. I will definitely do more projects with American Paint Company.


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Milk Paint On A Mid Century Buffet

This was a custom paint job for a client of mine. She had this beautiful Mid Century buffet and wanted me to paint it matte black with distressed edges and also a darker stain on the door design. 

We kept the original hardware as is cause what's Mid Century if you don't have brass. 

I picked Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriter to paint this piece because I love the matte finish, and to seal the paint I used clear wax from Annie Sloan.

The brass hardware added a touch of elegance to this piece.

This is what the buffet looked like before.

In order to do a darker stain on the design I had to first sand off all the original finish and get it down to bare wood. & when if your design has grooves like mine, this would be the time to bring out the Dremel Tool and use a fine grit sanding disc (make sure you have plenty of discs on hand cause you'll need them)

Overall I think this piece turned out so beautiful and because it's a Mid Century piece it will definitely stand the test of time.


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Antique High Chair Painted With Milk Paint

This is Alfred, an antique wooden high chair, that I purchased from an Estate Sale. He was hidden above the rafters and when they brought him down I tried to hold my excitement inside so the lady wouldn't give me a high price. Needless to say it was a better price than I expected.

For this particular piece I just wanted to use the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint products. I wanted to practice on my milk paint technique and this was the perfect furniture to do it.

To achieve this color I used 2 parts Ironstone and 1 part Kitchen Scale.


I also made a simple seat cushion out of a European grain sack and added a little lace to the back ties.


This is Alfred before his makeover. Great bones and very sturdy.


I love using the hemp oil because it's all natural and gives this piece a wonderful luster.


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DIY Vintage Book Letters

This was a special request from a good friend/customer. When she first showed me this project I was so excited to take on the task as well as trying out our new bandsaw. 

All the letters I stenciled by freehand and my husband did all the cuts and sanded the edges smoothly.


My husband also had to use the scroll saw for the letter "E".


The "R" was the hardest of the letters. Aside from the bandsaw we also had to use the router and jigsaw. 

Overall this project was fun to create and the finish product was even more beautiful than I imagined. 


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Vintiques Home Decor

Today I got to visit and take pictures of a new shop that just opened in Orange called Vintiques Home Decor. The first time I ever stepped inside this store (which was a couple of months ago) I immediately liked it because it was big and spacious. I wasn't worried about backing up and breaking something that was 100 years old.

I do have to say that they have a great selection of industrial decor which consists of vintage tools, metal signs, lockers, tool boxes, work benches. All of which shows their age and history. It's quite beautiful, and if you're a rustic lover like I am, you'll understand. 

And for all of the vintage enthusiast and the shabby chic romantics, there are treasures here for you as well. 

Go and check out Vintiques Home Decor. I promise you will not be disappointed.



401 W. Chapman

Orange, CA 92866



They sell a line of chalk paint that's made in the USA which I will try one day.


I just love this table that has the top of a spool.


I love all things industrial (metal, rust, patina) decor. You name it, this shop has it.


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A Pepsi Crate To House My Tea Cups

I'm getting the Downton Abbey fever and started to collect tea cups here and there. As you can see I have one more spot left that's currently being occupied by antique salt and pepper shakers.

I like the look of the Pepsi crate housing my tea cups. There's sort of a rustic chic going on. I'm hoping to find a teal tea cup tomorrow at the Orange Flea Market. crossing fingers.


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Two Is Company...Three Or More Becomes A Collection

It all started with the Big Ben and Little Ben vintage clocks I found at a yard sale and I just kept on adding and adding and it became a collection. I try to keep my eyes out for these adorable time pieces at every flea markets and antique stores. But sometimes I can spot one at my local thrift store.


This Phinney-Walker was a thrift store find and I absolutely love it!


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Vintage Wooden Box Coffee Table

For my birthday last year I received this vintage wooden box from my husband. I did pick it out myself while we were browsing Country Roads Antiques & Gardens so I already had it in mind to turn it into my coffee table in the living room.

My house is pretty small so any furniture I find that has storage is a MUST. That's why I fell in love with this vintage box. It had plenty of storage for my crafting supplies.

My husband had also added casters to the bottom of the furniture so I can move it around when I vacuum. 


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Country Roads Antiques & Gardens

Saying that I love Country Roads Antiques & Gardens is an understatement. This is my go-to shop for inspiration and to purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I've bought a couple of big pieces here like my bathroom vanity and coffee table. The prices are sometimes high but they do have occasional sales going depending on the vendor. 

Country Roads has pretty much everything you are looking for from vintage, antique, industrial, shabby chic, rustic, lighting, and gardening.


Business: Country Roads Antiques & Gardens

Hours: Open Daily 10am-5pm

Where: 204 West Chapman, Orange CA 92866

Phone: (714) 532-3041

Both my men always waiting for me

Both my men always waiting for me


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Holy Crap

I ventured to the Orange Flea Market today and had the pleasure of visiting this vendor's unique and eclectic style. The owner of Holy Crap (yup that's the name) has created art from reclaimed wood, rusty nails, and tons (and I mean tons) of junk.

Every one of her items are so beautiful and unique and I especially love all her crosses. If you have a western style home, there's a cross for you. You like something shabby chic, there's a cross for that. You want just straight rustic, guess what there's a cross for that too.

If you ever come down to the Orange Flea Market (second saturday of every month) I highly recommend stopping by Debra's booth. Her creativity is absolutely mind blowing.


Business: Holy Crap

Owner: Debra Walters

Contact: holycrap707@gmail.com


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Vintage Birdcage Turned Pendant Light

I got this vintage birdcage as a birthday gift from my wonderful and sweet mother-in-law a year ago. The instant I saw it I already knew I wanted to transform it into a pendant light for one of the corners in my living room.

Here we go...another trip to Home Depot. 

Materials for this project:

  • Light Kit (I got mine for $15 but I'm sure if you buy it at Ikea it's a lot cheaper)
  • Pull Switch (you can find these at the ceiling fan section and comes in different designs)
  • Ceiling Medallion (these come in different sizes and designs)

If you're lucky like I am and married a handy man then you just saved yourself some flea market shopping money. Cha Ching!

My husband did all the electrical wiring and installation in this project and it turned out perfect.


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The Handy Mommy 101: A Guide To A More Independent You

Two years ago I've never used power tools in my life let alone hang a picture frame the correct (and stable) way. So I thought I would write about what I've learned in two years (and believe me I'm still learning) but I'll just begin with the basics.

I was always too impatient to wait for my husband to wake up or come home from work to help me install the curtain rods or hang a picture frame. So to feed into my instant gratification ego I decided to do things myself.

Like anything unknown handling a power drill will be scary at first and you'll probably hope to god you don't end up with a hole through your finger. But if you do things correctly and wear the proper safety gear then you're in the right path to becoming a handy mommy or a handy woman if you don't have any kids (lucky).

My power tools are all made by Milwaukee Tool and what's great about having the same brand is that they all use the same battery so you only need one charger. Also keep the weight of the drills in mind when you are set to purchase one. It's great to have a strong power tool but make sure it's something you can carry on and off projects. My husband has a heavy duty drill and it's way too heavy for me to use for a small project. Let's face it we're not building a house here (well not yet at least).


My go-to project tools:

  • Level
  • Handheld Cordless Sander
  • Safety Glasses
  • Drill Set (made by DeWalt)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver (with interchangeable attachments)
  • Power Drill
  • Power Screwdriver

So these are my everyday basic tools. They will help you install curtain rods, hang picture frames, place new hardware, mount coat hooks and sconces and much much more. Stay tune for more of "The Handy Mommy 101" blog posts.


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Oh, Hello Friend

I want to tell you about a retail shop that even sends you a friendly greeting just by the name alone. Oh, Hello Friend  , located in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, carries unique vintage styles and I absolutely love it. Here you'll find greeting cards, stationary, jewelry, home decor, vintage decor, industrial decor, clothing, and much much more. Their inventory is constantly changing so when I'm in the area I like to peak my head in and see if there's something I can't live without but that's pretty much how I feel with most items I buy.

This place has everything you adore about a boutique shop without the boutique prices.

You can say this is one of my favorite stores I go to peruse and get inspired. And I have yet to ever leave this shop empty handed.


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Junking in Orange County?

When I read some of my favorite blogs I'm always envious that they have places to go junking (scavenging junk yards, rickety barns, or old farm houses). I want to be a picker...I want to find a diamond in the rough. But I guess that's the upside of living in the midwest and east coast.

So imagine my surprise (and excitement) at a local army surplus store by my home where I picked up these rusty beauties at a bargain price. They were just outside behind the store being neglected.

In any case don't be afraid to ask the store owner if he or she is selling the things outside or at the back of the store. Most likely they think no one would ever want that junk. 

So yes! I did my own kind of junking in Orange County and I sure hope it's not the last. I can't wait to upcycle my pieces. In do time...patience is a virtue, my friend. As for now I will admire them in my garage. 

I'm thinking these industrial bread pans will be great to organize my make-up (as soon as I build a make-up station in my bedroom) or mounted on the wall as a shadow box display.

I'm thinking these industrial bread pans will be great to organize my make-up (as soon as I build a make-up station in my bedroom) or mounted on the wall as a shadow box display.

The large ammo box will be a toy bin/foot stool in the living room.

The large ammo box will be a toy bin/foot stool in the living room.


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Oil Can Jewelry Holder

My husband always comes home with a surprise for me (well maybe not all of the time but most of the time). This time he brought me an oil can he found. I really didn't know what to do with it but I knew I loved it. 

Until one day I realized I needed a designated place for my rings and jewelry when I take them off so that I could paint or do some sanding. The oil can was a perfect jewelry holder and I like the industrial look it gave to the space. 


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